1. But I don’t have time for the gym!

    Jake looked good. As he walked through the annual Christmas party with his wife, everyone was amazed at how good he looked. You see,… more.

  2. Bring the kids along!

    Alright, so you want to spend more time at the gym, and work off those last few pounds.  Or you want to be able… more.

  3. Wanna dance?

    Dance is a great way to get and stay in shape.  Maybe you used to go to the clubs and dance with your friends…. more.

  4. We’re Moving In!

    After nine months, and $1.6 million, the locker room renovation is finally at an end. December 1st will be move in day for the… more.

  5. Give thanks you don’t have to loosen your belt

    Once upon a time, a persecuted religious minority traveled half way around to world to start their lives anew, and exercise their religious freedom. … more.

  6. Think you know yoga? Think again.

    What is Buti yoga? When most people think of yoga, they picture someone in a pose that can only be described as painful, but… more.

  7. Healthy Halloween? Scary.

    It’s coming. Zombies, ghouls, witches, princesses, and superheroes will soon be knocking on your door, expecting a small gift. Naturally, they expect that gift… more.

  8. CBRC’s Best Kept Secret: Summer’s Not Over

    Ok, so it’s a little colder outside.  You started wearing a sweater when you leave the home. The days are getting shorter, and you’re… more.