Water Aerobics

Pre-natal & Postpartum Water Exercise:

Group exercise class offers a social and educational setting for a healthier pregnancy. This aerobic class is designed to have you cushioned and supported in the water while providing a cardiovascular and strength workout. The soothing effect of the water provides a safe and conducive environment for prenatal exercise. For women who have just had a baby, this (mom’s only) fitness class jump starts the drive to get back in shape at the right pace.

Class Includes:

  • Modified water aerobics and muscle conditioning
  • Pelvic floor muscle exercises
  • Information and sharing
  • Core strengthening (back and abdominals) exercises
  • Stretching and relaxation

Benefits of Exercise:

Exercise performed safely during pregnancy can:

  • Lessen your fatigue
  • Reduce backaches
  • Increase your endurance during labor
  • Improve your mood and self-confidence
  • Improve posture and balance
  • Require less time to recover from childbirth