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Locker Room Renovation

Locker Room Renovation Schedule 

Phase 1: March – May 

Phase 2: June – August

Phase 3: September – November

Weekly Update: May 1-5

  • Tile installation continues in the Men’s Locker Room
  • Electrical finish work continues
  • Men/Women continue to use current locker rooms.  Locker Keys available for the padlocks at the Front Desk.
  • Men’s Annex Available is closed for remainder of Phase 1
  • Family Changing Room available to All
  • Lockers available in various hallways


  During Phase 1:

  • Men’s Locker Room will be closed and demolition will begin
  • Women will have access to the Women’s Old Locker Room
  • Men will have access to the Women’s New Locker Room and the Men’s Locker Room Annex will be available for changing until 4/26
  • Family Changing Rooms are available for all to use
  • Additional lockers will be placed in various hallways for day use
  • Locker pad lock keys were be available to check out at the Front Desk

 Please check back here for weekly updates!