Personal Training

Not Just A Luxury

Personal training is not just a luxury anymore! People are finding that personal training can be literally a life saver. Besides the common goals of weight loss and body fat loss, there are many other measurable results that occur by increased knowledge of health and fitness. Some of the other great results that come from working with a personal trainer are lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, more energy, better sleep and lack of depression while becoming stronger and more confident.

Our personal trainers at CBRC are nationally certified and the most educated and professional trainers in the Tri-Cities, with a combination of collegiate and professional athletic experience as well as backgrounds in physical therapy and athletic training.

Private personal training is highly encouraged for those new to exercise, coming back to exercise or wanting to see better results. CBRC personal trainers take pride in making their personal training sessions efficient and effective. CBRC’s Fitness Director, Morgan Fewel works with members to insure that they are compatible with the right trainer and that the experience will be a great one. Your first appointment is critical to helping you set up a foundation for success, so book your complementary consultation today!

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