Wanna dance?

Dance is a great way to get and stay in shape.  Maybe you used to go to the clubs and dance with your friends.  But now with kids, that’s not an option anymore.

Little did you know, it still is an option, thanks to Kim Buster, here at CBRC.

Dance fitness is a fun, high energy dance party, that just happens to help you get and stay in shape.

It’s a fantastic way to get in your cardio workout while having a blast with your friends.

At dance fitness, the fun starts when the lights go out, and the disco ball comes on.

With high energy hip hop music, it’s a great way to get away from the daily grind.  About 90% of the regular dancers are moms, just looking to have fun together in a safe environment.

The fun and community don’t end when the dance party is over.

Apart from the great physical workout and release you get, it is a great way to build community.  The community has its own Facebook group where you can encourage each other to stay on track with your health goals, and to build relationships with like-minded people.

In the class, the priority is to give you what you want.  This is why Kim stresses the importance of feedback.  Let her know what you want, and she can tailor the classes to that.

You don’t need to be a dancer.  Contrary to the name, it’s not really about dancing.  It’s about fun and health.

Now, Kim stresses that you should come to her class, but don’t just stay in her class.

A good cardio workout is essential for your health, but it’s not enough.

Lift some weights, strengthen your bones and joints.   As Kim says, “weights are not the enemy.”

If you really want to have good overall health, resistance and weight training are essential.

Come see any of our trainers and they can set you up with a great, personalized program to supplement the dancing.

If you are interested in getting plugged in to a great community of people who share your fitness goals, and love to have a good time dancing, check out the schedule on our website.  The next sessions start in January.

And the next time you feel like dancing, we’ll see you at the Club.

We wish you good health,

Columbia Basin Racquet Club

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