Pelican Bay is Days Away

Pelican Bay

What’s not to like about a giant red bucket dumping a couple hundred gallons of water on your head?

Or what’s not to like about being shot in the face by a water cannon?

If you answered “nothing,” we’ve got a treat for you.

Pelican Bay is opening for the season soon.

In case you’re new to the area, or you’ve been living under a rock the last several years, Pelican Bay is the best place to go on a hot Tri-Cities summer day.

It’s our very own water park, here at CBRC.  And it’s the best place in town.

Come on any hot summer day and enjoy hours of water play fun.

We’ve got something for everyone.   The whole family.

When you walk in, the first thing you may notice is our lazy river.  Feel free to grab an inner tube, hop on, and relax while floating with the current.  Or just get in the water and play with your friends.  Run against the current or see how fast you can swim with the current.

We’re one of the only water parks that doesn’t require you to be in a tube on the lazy river.

If you have small children, you can play with them in the zero-entry pool.  Like a beach you can walk right into the water.  It doesn’t get more than a foot-and-a-half deep, so it’s ideal for toddlers.

The older kids will love the play structure.  Slides, water cannons, and a giant bucket ready to drench every inch of your body every few minutes.

Go over to the outdoor pool and enjoy the rock wall, water slide and diving board.

And wherever you go, you will see some of the best trained and most alert lifeguards in the Tri-Cities, as we wrote about last week.

If you want to relax while the kids are having fun, you can soak up the sun in the grass or in our loungers; or have a snack under an umbrella.

You can also get some great food at the Sand Bar.  Grab yourself a hot dog, pizza, nachos, pretzels, or a salad.

Come spend your summer days with us at Pelican Bay.  There’s always something different to do, and for the kids to explore.  Your kids will thank you.  And the first thing they will say on the way home?

“We can’t wait to go next time!”

Pelican Bay opens for the season May 25th.

We’ll see you there.

We wish you good health,

Columbia Basin Racquet Club

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