Spotlight of the Month: Shing Lan

Spotlight of the Month: Shing Lan

Columbia Basin Racquet Club values its members and staff. Once a month, the blog will spotlight someone from the CBRC family to give readers an inside scope of the people in the community at the premier health club in town.

Spotlight: Meet Shing

After moving from Houston, Texas, to Richland, Washington in 1994, Shing Lan became a member at CBRC. As a long time member, Shing has become very involved over the years. You may spot Shing in the pool, where he has been swimming since 2009.

Shing shares that “recognizing my lack of speed, I decided to focus instead on endurance and distance. Swimming exclusively each day, I was able to reach 1,000 miles in 18 months followed by hitting the 2,000 miles in another 15 months.” He took swimming lessons, and felt encouraged in his journey to become a better swimmer. Currently, he has swam an impressive 4,000 miles.

After reaching the 2,000 miles mark in swimming, Shing decided that he wanted to diversify his workouts. He added weight training and running in order build and tone muscles, and strengthen his bones. “The knowledgeable trainers in the fitness department have helped me, over time, establish a proper training pattern,” shares Shing. He enjoys the environment at CBRC, where everyone is pursuing similar fitness and exercise goals.

Shing didn’t stop there. About five years ago, he added tennis to his daily routine. Reflecting on his experience, Shing says that “tennis has been a great social sport, in comparison to swimming, and I have been fortunate to make lots of friends on the court.” One of Shing’s favorite memories happened on the tennis court when “all the players on the courts paused to sing Happy Birthday to me. I felt touched and extremely grateful.”

Reflections from Shing

Each day when he finishes his cross-training at CBRC, Shing truly feels invigorated. He shares that “being able to say hi, or chat briefly with friends is a great bonus to being part of the local CBRC community. I firmly believe that exercise, with all of the benefits it brings, has enhanced my quality of life!”

Shing hopes that everyone, including retirees like himself, would take advantage of the “one stop shop” that CBRC has to offer. Shing wishes to thank “the great staff, friends, and members of CBRC to making it a great place to be.”

When asked what he would do if he could do anything in the world next week, Shing shares that “I would take all my kids and grandkids to tour my lovely homeland, TAIWAN, and exercise whenever I can.” Aside from exercising, he also practices classical guitar.

Thank you, Shing, for continuing to be an inspiring, dedicated member at CBRC!

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