Spotlight of the Month: Patricia Kirch

Spotlight: Patricia Kirch teaching tennis

Written by Erika Kraus

Columbia Basin Racquet Club values its members and staff. Once a month, the blog will spotlight someone from the CBRC family to give readers an inside scope of the people in the community at the premier health club in town.

Meet Patti

Patti has been a friendly face at CBRC since 1983, and it all began with tennis. Patti and Jeff Petersen, past General Manager at CBRC, won an Open Mixed Doubles tennis tournament. “The next day, November 1, 1983, I was hired as a Tennis Professional. My husband Nick Kirch and I have been members ever since,” reflects Patti.

Expert tennis knowledge has been brought to CBRC, thanks to Patti. As a scholarship athlete at Iowa State University, Patti played varsity tennis. She was the Team Captain her senior year, and received her Bachelor of Science in Physical Education.

Patti shared that “for over 33 years I have been a certified USPTA Tennis Professional, keeping my knowledge of the game current and following a healthy lifestyle path.” Also, she shared that “I love teaching families, USTA teams and private lessons.  Little Tennis has been my specialty.”

Community Involvement

Very active at CBRC and in the Tri-Cities, Patti highlighted that “CBRC is involved outside in our community. Wholeheartedly, I recommend our club, just ask Al Boston our newest Centurion.” She frequently “sees members on the ski slopes, around town on bicycle paths, in the theaters, coffee shops and farmer’s markets. We always say – See you at the club!” Patti says it best: “CBRC is a multi-filament fiber woven into the Tri-Cities community.”

Over many years, Patti has been involved in giving back to the community with CBRC Tennis and has helped the Boys and Girls Club of America, Tri-Cities Cancer Center, Mid Columbia Tennis Association and Special Olympics. In addition, Patti shares that “my husband, our daughters Nicole, Natalie, and now her fiancé Alex have been directing a grass roots tennis tournament through our local sport shop, Sporthaus Northwest for over 20 years.”

Columbia Basin Racquet Club is grateful for the years of service, and dedication that Patti brings to our club.

Thank you Patti and Happy Holidays to all of our CBRC family!

Columbia Basin Racquet Club

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