We’re Not Tone Deaf

They’ve done it again.  Les Mills – the people who brought you BodyPump, BodyStep, CXWorx, and RPM – have hit another home run.

After receiving tons of feedback from around the world, they’ve developed the ultimate complete body workout.  And it only takes 45 minutes.

Les Mills Tone builds on the foundations of BodyVive 3.1 and takes it a step further.  It maintains the original 3 in 1 training style.  Which means you can get a complete cardio, strength, and core workout all at the same time.

When you come into a Les Mills Tone class, be ready for lots of squats, lunges, functional training, and resistance work.  A lot of the movements are derived from BodyCombat, BodyAttack, CXWorx, BodyPump, and even Barre.

So, if you’ve ever participated in another class at CBRC, you should feel right at home in Les Mills Tone.

But it’s also a very flexible program.

For example, you could do one-peak cardio or two-peak cardio.  Which means you could do your cardio, hit your peak heart rate, and then do your strength exercises.  Or you could hit your peak heart rate, followed by strength, followed by another round of cardio, and finishing with core.

There’s something for everyone in Les Mills Tone.  Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of Les Mills workouts, or you haven’t seen the inside of a gym in years.

We just launched Les Mills Tone last weekend, and so far, it’s been a big hit.  People love it.

So, check out the class schedule here to see when you can make it.

Then come and be one of the first to see what all the hype is about.

Be sure to let us know about your experience.

We wish you good health,

Columbia Basin Racquet Club


photo courtesy of Les Mills

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