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One of the most effective ways to ensure you get the most out of your workout is to reach your target heart rate and stay there.

You could track your heart rate well enough on a treadmill, if you always keep your hands on the heart rate monitors (who can do that?).  But what if you’re lifting weights or in a class?  What if you’re on the basketball or tennis courts?  What if you aren’t even at the gym, but you want to go for a run?

Here at CBRC, we have the answer:  Myzone.

Myzone is the best way to track your heart rate, bar none.  It uses a strap to hold the monitor right above your heart. So, it gets the most direct, uninterrupted reading possible.

More than that, we have big monitors all over the gym.  They allow you to see exactly what your heart rate is, and how close you are to your target heart rate.  All in real time.

Knowing your heart rate, you can raise or lower the intensity of your workout, to get the most efficiency you can.

Many members love it, because it adds a bit of competition to your workouts.  Not only do you see your heart rate, you can see everyone else’s too.  Often, people will compete to see who can get to their zones quicker and stay there longer.

Myzone automatically adapts to your individual needs and habits.  Before you first put it on, you give it your information, such as height, weight, and age.  Then it determines your target heart rate.  After a week of workouts, it will begin to automatically adjust to your needs.

You never have to guess what your goal should be.

Don’t want to work out at the gym?  Want to enjoy the great summer weather?  No problem.  Myzone connects directly to an app on your smartphone.  It tracks all your workouts, and rates you based on your exercise habits.  You can use the ratings to show off to your friends, because the app is also a social network.

Myzone doesn’t just track your heart rate.  It’s also the most accurate measure of calorie burn you can have.  Other tracking methods (like the one you wear on your wrist) either over or underestimate dramatically.  But because Myzone knows your exact height, weight, etc., it gives the most accurate estimate of calories burned.

Since you know exactly what you burned, you can know exactly what to eat.  This can greatly improve your ability to meet your fitness goals, since it takes out so much guess work.

These are just some of the benefits of Myzone.  If you want more information, please stop any of our trainers, and they’ll be happy to tell you more.

You can get Myzone at the Club for $89.  And it’s yours forever.  No subscription fees.  No need to return it to let someone else use it.  And it’s just a little over half what you would pay for Myzone elsewhere.

Just stop by the front desk to get yours.

We wish you good health,

Columbia Basin Racquet Club

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