Spotlight of the Month: Sheila Stade

Columbia Basin Racquet Club values its members and staff. Once a month, the blog will spotlight someone from the CBRC family to give readers an inside scope of the people in the community at the premier health club in town.

Meet Sheila Stade, CBRC’s longtime member, since 1983. Sheila has worked at Battelle – Pacific Northwest National Lab for the last 35 years. She is a Project Specialist, providing budget oversight for 40+ projects. Needless to say, between all her fitness activities at CBRC, professional career, and family… she is a very busy woman!

When asked why you continue to work out at CBRC, Sheila said, “Keeps me fit and healthy – need to keep the body and mind strong – important for a 75-year-old!” Sheila would recommend the club to anyone because, “This is the best club in the area – it has everything one needs to stay healthy and in good shape!” Sheila participates in various areas of the club. You can find her in an aerobics class, weight lifting (1 hour a day!), the cardio machines, cx worx, pilates, and  pilates barre. Besides the fitness activities, Sheila’s favorite part of the club is the staff. She says, “They are exceptional!  If you need anything – they will go out of their way to meet your needs.”

Sheila has lived in the Tri-Cities for over 50 years. She said, “When I decide to retire from work… this is where I will retire!” When asked what her favorite part about the Tri-Cities was, Sheila said, “Having come from Canada – mountains – snow – which seems to last forever – I love the weather and “wall-wall sky!”

If you do not see Sheila at CBRC, you might spot her at her favorite restaurant in town, Thai Garden. When we asked Sheila, if you could be doing anything in the world for the next week, what would it be? She said, “With the current weather as it is – cold and dreary… I would head south to soak up some sun!” Sheila and her husband of 54 years, have 3 grandkids who are all grown up, graduated from college, and are on their own now. Sheila describes her and her husband as “empty nesters” who take in stray kittens. They currently have three fur babies.

Sheila is a great example of the kind of members we have at CBRC. She said, “I am determined to stay fit and healthy. I hike Red Mountain 3 times a week… more in the summer when we have longer days. If you work out and eat right – you do not need medications for anything… you just have to do it! Keep the stress level down low… enjoy life!”

Thanks, Sheila, for being part of the CBRC family!

Columbia Basin Racquet Club

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