Healthy Back to School Lunch Ideas

Summer vacation has officially ended and the kiddos are back in school! However, that doesn’t mean your hard work on healthy eating has to end! Life gets busy and it is hard to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle when you barely have time to relax. Let these healthy back to school lunch ideas help you and your family. has been a great resource for families across the country. They developed a list of Healthy School Lunches & Snacks to make preparing lunches easier and tastier. The focus of lunch ideas is to use a bento box. The bento box has the ability to have a variety of food packed in one container by separating your lunch in little compartments. Take this recipe for example:

All Dressed Up

* 1 cup bow-tie pasta salad with veggies

* 1 cup baby greens salad with 2 tablespoons low-fat dressing

* 3/4 cup watermelon

* 2 fig cookies

Mama Natural created a list to help families stay connected with making lunches, called, 40 Healthy Kid Lunches to Keep You Inspired. This list of lunch options also includes some tips to making lunches easier and more enjoyable. This simple list of tips includes:

  • Involve your kids
  • Cook in bulk
  • Use “convenience” foods
  • Freeze a few “emergency” meals

Bon Appétit is one of America’s favorite restaurants, food magazines, and caterers. To help create some delicious inspiration for your children’s lunches, they created a list of 41 Quick & Easy School Lunch Ideas to Pack for Your Kids. The thought behind the list is, “Sometimes, parents write small notes of appreciation to put in their kids’ lunchboxes. Which is sweet. But you know what they say: Actions speak louder than words. Make one of these 41 back-to-school lunches to let your little girl or guy know you really care.” Here are just a few recipes to make for your kids (or you) from the list:

  • Chorizo–Sweet Potato Tacos: Look for Mexican chorizo in your butcher’s case next to the other fresh sausages, and don’t be afraid to include those delicious, crispy bits from the pan.
  • Pepperoni Panzanella: Panzanella salads are a great way to use up the last of that loaf of crusty bread. Change it up as summer progresses by tossing in other vegetables or herbs. Just don’t skip the tomato: It helps soften the bread.
  • Zucchini and Rice Pancakes: Somewhere between a frittata, a fritter, and fried rice, these little pancakes are packed with protein and delicious with almost any cooked grain or leftover greens in the filling.

Remember, eating healthy isn’t the only way to stay healthy. Don’t let your busy schedules get in the way of your family fitness throughout the school year. We hope to see you at the club!

Good luck on the start of a great and healthy school year!

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