Styku: The new 3D you!

Working out is hard. It would be so nice if you could know exactly what areas you need to work on or how many calories you should eat. Well, let Styku help you, the club’s new body composition testing.

You might be wondering, why do I need a body composition test? Think of it like this. Working out to lose weight or get lean could be achieved easier if you could track your progress and had realistic goals, workout plans, and a balanced diet. One CBRC member said, “It is nice to track your body composition so you know what to work towards. The Styku has good metrics for improvements and it an objective measurement.

The Styku provides:

  • Body measurements
  • A 3D model
  • Shape analysis
  • Can assist in tracking progress
  • Fat analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Help set goals

Are you worrying about having to disrobe in front of a stranger to complete the test? Well, no more worries. Unlike other body assessments like the bod pod or skin folds, this testing provides you with privacy to feel comfortable during the assessment. You will meet with a trained staff member who will review the scanning and then leave you alone behind a curtain to complete the body scan in private. Once finished, the staff member will go through your results and provide useful information to help you reach your fitness goals.

One of the additional benefits of the Styku that you normally wouldn’t think of is, how it can be useful for shopping, especially online. Tri-Cities may not have your favorite clothing store, so you do most of your shopping online. Styku can help you! The body measurements allow you to know exactly what size to order in all different types of clothing. How awesome is that?

The Styku is open to members ($35) and non-members ($45). Be sure to tell all your friends to join you in the Styku! The most important part to remember is that doing an initial assessment is good but the most helpful portion will be the continued tracking of your progress. It will be beneficial for you to go back so you know what direction you’re trending. The assessment will even tell you if you are working out one side of your body more than the other. It is good to have symmetry in your body because this will overall help your posture, spinal health, and back. The staff is so friendly and helpful that you will want to go back anyway.

We hope to meet with you soon!

Columbia Basin Racquet Club


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