Tips for Setting Fitness Goals

Tips for Setting Fitness Goals

New Year Resolutions: easy to come up with, but sometimes hard to keep. We’ve all been there: halfheartedly writing a list of resolutions for the new year. Maybe it’s losing weight, finally getting fit, or training for your first marathon. Or maybe it’s working on mindfulness, increasing your flexibility, or improving your form. Whatever your fitness goals are, here are some tips to help you set your goals!

Be specific

When we set a vague goal to just “lose weight,” or “be healthy,” it can be hard to measure or motivate ourselves to actually achieve that goal. However, if you set a goal to “lose 5 pounds this year,” that gives you a clear goal that is more easily attainable. With a specific, track-able goal, you can easily track your progress. For extra guidance and support, work with a personal trainer at CBRC.

Create a Timeline

Creating a timeline with a foreseeable end point may provide more motivation. Let’s say your goal is to walk 30 minutes a day by the end of the month. Here is what your timeline could look like. The first week you can walk for 10 minutes 5 times a week. The second week you can walk 15 minutes 5 times a week, and the third week you can walk 20 minutes 5 times a week. Finally, in the fourth week you walk 30 minutes a day 5 times a week. With the help of a timeline, you’ve gone from not walking at all, to walking 30 minutes almost every day of the week.

Find your purpose

What is your purpose for losing weight or working out? Often when we set fitness goals, we think in terms of short-term goals: lose that weight now to fit in those jeans. But what about your long-term goals? Jaylin Allen from Active explains that “Losing weight is a goal many women have in mind when they begin a lifestyle change. However, it is wise to consider other benefits of an exercise program such as improved health, increased agility, coordination and overall fitness level.” Those other benefits serve as motivation to continue working out an exercising long-term.

Hopefully these tips of being specific, creating a timeline, and finding purpose are helpful when setting your fitness goals. On behalf of CBRC, Happy New Year! Wishing you all a year filled with good health, improved fitness, and happiness.

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