Back-to-School, Back-to-YOU!

Being a parent is hard and things do not get any easier as you prepare for another year of school with your kids. Summer was fun and you may have been able to enjoy a good fitness routine. However, for most parents, fitness gets tossed out of the window when trying to balance back-to-school with life.  Let us help you! Here are some tips on how to have a fitness routine when you have your kids back in school. published an article called “Back-to-School Fitness Tips for Moms.” Dropping your kids off at school does not mean you have to be sad about spending time away. Use this time to re-charge and gets things done so you can spend more quality time after school. Try these three simple tips to working out:

  1. Schedule it: Life gets busy so you should stick to a schedule.
  2. Find and do what you love most: If you don’t love the workout, it will be harder.
  3. Emphasize all components of fitness by varying your workouts: “Variety is the spice of progress.”

Need a little more help than three tips? Well, WebMD recognizes that exercise is important as a parent and came out with “8 tips for staying active when you have kids. This article goes more into detail about creating a fitness routine as well as provides some motivation on why it is important for you and your family.

  1. Be Active All Day
  2. Defy the Myth of Time
  3. Define Your Priorities
  4. Cultivate Social Support
  5. Establish Family Fitness
  6. Set Goals
  7. Put In the Effort
  8. Be a Role Model

The priorities of a family just change,” says Ethan E. Hull, MEd, an exercise physiologist candidate at the University of Pittsburgh. “The focus isn’t with your friends, it isn’t with yourself, it isn’t with your spouse; it’s with that child. Your own physical activity just isn’t as important as the attention you’re giving that child.” One of the best statements that you could relate to as a parent and get you motivated to exercise is, “Now that you have kids, you want to be around for the kids,” says Jon Chipko, a certified strength and conditioning coach from Montclair, N.J. “You want to be healthy, to be able to play with them, to be around when they get older.”

CBRC cares about your health, your family, and you living a long life in order to spend with your family. Still didn’t have time to exercise? Please come by the club and workout worry-free while your little ones enjoy Kid’s Club!

See you soon!

Columbia Basin Racquet Club

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